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Why does the earth rotate on its axis

Do facts about astronomy fascinate you? Are you looking for answers about the rotation of earth? There are many interesting and amazing facts surrounding the rotation of the earth on its own axis, so if you want to gain knowledge about astronomy and earth rotation, just read on.

Earth is not only orbiting the around the sun, but it also spins on its own axis, which is why we have days and nights. But how did the earth end up rotating on its own axis and what are the factors effecting the rotation? There are some facts that help in explaining the phenomenon.

Everything in this universe is rotating, so does the planets and the reason for this is a simple physics related fact called the angular momentum. The formation of sun and the planets is because of the explosion of nebula and that set everything spinning. The planets formed after the explosion rotate due to the conservation of angular momentum which is keeping them in motion till date. So, all planets including earth are formed rotating on their own axis and as well as revolving around the sun.

One other explanation of what making the planet in motion on its own axis is the titanic collision that occurred between earth and planetoid that hit earth earlier in the history which is also responsible for the formation of moon from the chunk of debris. If the impact was exactly at the center it left the planet spun just like a top.

The rotation of the earth is effected by the sun’s gravitational pull as it slows down the motion of the planet near it that’s why larger planets rotate faster than Earth. Moon’s tidal pull also effects rotation of the earth.



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