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Why does the Earth have seasons

There are hundreds of interesting and enthralling facts about the earth, starting from life sustaining atmosphere, different types of species, and even the phenomenon of seasons? Now, if you are really fascinated and keen to know different types of astronomical facts about earth then let’s dig out the correct explanation.

Earth has four seasons’ namely, winter, summer, fall, and spring, but if you are thinking that the cause of the changing seasons is distance of the earth from sun, then that’s a common misconception as the main cause of earth having four seasons is the tilt.

In the summer season, Earth’s northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and in winter season the northern hemisphere is away from the sun. The tilt actually causes a lot of difference in the amount of sunlight received by the earth and since the sunlight is the main cause of the weather change that leads to different seasons.

If the earth doesn’t have the 23.5 degree tilt there will be no seasons and no change in the climate. Without the tilt the earth will have a constant amount of sunlight, same temperature and same climate all around the year. It’s like the cold areas will remain cold all year round and hot areas will face the high temperature every month. This goes same for humid, rainy, seasons with simply no change in the climate!

The distance concept is not true as on 4th of July the earth is farthest from the sun, which means it must be cold but that’s not actually true as it is quite hot on that date. And in 4th of December the earth is very close to earth causing high temperature but actually it’s very cold on that date.

So, tilt is the main reason for earth having different seasons and not the changing distance.



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