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Why does earth has water

The universe is filled with many unexplained phenomenon blended with unraveled mysteries and one major part of this unexplained phenomenon is played by planet Earth. There are many unknown facts about earth and its life sustaining atmosphere. One such fact is why only earth has water and not the other planets. Billions of years have passed, but still no other planet can apparently sustain life like earth does, but why only earth?

So without wasting any more time it’s better to get some knowledge on the strange occurring.

On comparing a similar size planet like Venus with Earth you may find a huge difference in the atmosphere. Venus has a hot, dry and hell like climate for humans with enormous amount of carbon dioxide and Sulfur products. There was water on Venus billions of years ago about the whole water was vaporized because of the heat and weak magnetic field which didn’t push the hot solar wind. This didn’t happen to Earth as it has a strong magnetic field that keeps solar wind away and has further distance from the sun making it rather cool, allowing water to preserve itself in the form of ice and ice caps. Moreover, because of presence of plants and magnetic forces, it witnesses clouds and rains which return water that had been vaporized earlier.

Mars seem to have some other problem, it is smaller and colder than earth but there is no water mainly because of weak magnetic field that causes majority of water to be stripped away by solar wind. Mars also lack less gravity and makes water molecule bumped out and exposed to solar wind.

So, earth seems to have all types of qualities, like it is not too close or too far from the sun, it has strong magnetic field and is heavy enough to have a strong gravitational pull that protect the water.


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