Offbeat — 29 May 2013

Why do you never see baby pigeons

If you are fond of bird watching then you must have noticed that baby pigeons are not easily seen. You may locate all kind of baby birds under the sun but finding baby pigeons in open places is almost impossible to watch. Why is it so? Do pigeons not bear babies? But that seems an absurd question, given the fact that we have been seeing pigeons since a long time. Do the pigeons keep their babies hidden? The answer is yes and no.

Pigeons tend to make their nests high up in places like old buildings, ledges of palaces, high bridges, etc. This makes it tough for a common man to accidentally come across their babies unless you are a window cleaner and you ride high up on that long ladder to clean the windows and glass panes, the chances are you won’t come across a baby pigeon.

The other reason behind not spotting them so easily is the fact that a female pigeon lays only two eggs at a time and feeds them for almost a month continuously. The parents feed them crop milk produced by both of them in the first week of their lives and other high protein, high fat food items to them thereafter continuously. They keep on feeding the babies till they grow in size and begin to look like adult birds.

By the time, these babies hop out of their nests and begin to eat independently they look much like their adult counterparts and we do not recognize them easily. Although those who swear by bird watching can tell us baby birds by looking at their beaks because baby pigeons have their beaks slightly flatter and wider than adult pigeons.


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