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Why do women gain weight after marriage

Women tend to gain weight after marriage due to a number of social reasons. It has got nothing to do with sexual relationships, as is generally believed. The weight gain happens largely due to a change in lifestyle and food habits.

In most of the cultures, wedding comes with lots of post wedding celebrations and of course women have to enjoy all those high fat foods in the parties in order to celebrate their happiness with rest of the family members and friends.

A haphazard schedule often makes it difficult for women to get up in the morning and go out for exercises. This becomes all the more tough in traditional set ups where new brides are already tied with a host of roles and responsibilities right at the crack of the dawn.

On the other hand, girls also do not remain that conscious about their looks since they have got married and they do not feel the need of preening and starving themselves from their favorite foods.

Another significant reason is pregnancy. During pregnancy, the hormonal interplay helps in gaining weight. This is body’s natural mechanism to prepare itself for breastfeeding. Post pregnancy, most of the women are fed high calorie foods which lead to more weight gain and the never ending duties towards the baby makes it tough for the mother to get up and go for exercising.

Mothers also tend to eat the left- over of their babies in order to avoid wastage of food.  All these social-cultural factors figure in after marriage leading to weight gain among women.


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