Offbeat — 18 February 2014

Why Do We Study English

English is a globally recognized and widely used language for communication purposes. While some individuals may find it complex to speak English, it is still studied by millions of people across the world. Let us explore some of the common reasons behind people learning the English language.

Wide usage

English is found to be the most commonly used language among people from foreign nations. If you see a group of people from different nations getting together on a common platform, you would generally find them talking in English. Thus, people believe that it is essential to learn this widely used language if they have to remain progressive. English can make you communicate with more people.

Better opportunities

Many people study English from a personal enhancement or career advancement perspective. It makes you multilingual and opens a world of opportunities that you would not have explored without knowing English. Studying English can impart skills that are essential in communicating with people who have English as their native language. Thus, you may also look for better work opportunities in English-speaking nations if you possess knowledge of this language.

Learning foreign cultures

Studying English also helps us in learning more about other cultures. Most of the countries across the world have English as their language of communication. Thus, one can visit these countries and learn about their culture by gaining knowledge of this language.

Exploring other fields of study

Many different fields of study have made English as their language of communication and understanding. There is a variety of scientific and technical information available in English. This can be accessed and understood only by studying English. In fact, more information can be accessed and utilized to your benefit if you know English. There is so much information that is only published in English language.


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