Offbeat — 26 February 2014


You may have felt sometimes that you saw a dream but cannot recall it properly. This shows that you see multiple dreams every night while recall only a few at times. If you are wondering why this happens, then the answer is your brain activity that controls what we forget and what we do not. As you see a variety of scenes and characters in your multiple dreams each night, you might get overwhelmed by remembering them all. Thus, your brain monitors all types of events while making you remember mostly those events that include intense emotions.

A range of cerebral activities takes place whether we are sleeping or are awake. These activities together play a role in deciding on the content that will be remembered and forgotten. You would mostly remember a dream that you probably saw before just waking up. However, some people are able to recall more dreams they saw through a night. Sometimes, certain daily events also help you remember a particular dream. For example, you might recall a dream of a tiger approaching you. It could happen while watching a movie in which a tiger actually approaches someone.

Similarly, you might recall other dreams associated with your daily happenings. This might make you feel that you had an intuition of something that actually happened, while the fact is that the reality triggered your dream. Apart from this, your brain may recognize some dream content as intense. When it responds actively to that content, it may also interrupt your sleep and make you remember that dream. People could also vary at their abilities to recall dreams and not everybody recalls the same percentage of dreams as you might do. Thus, there are various cerebral functions that actively integrate toward making you remember or forget your specific dreams.


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