Environment Featured — 18 December 2015

Why Do We Need to Protect Trees

The beauty of our planet is from the trees and their essential parts. Trees are the protectors of our lives. Had trees not be there, we would not have survived. They not only give us oxygen to breathe, but also purify the air around us. While deforestation and cutting of trees has been happening at a faster rate than ever, it is critical that we save out environment by saving our trees. The protection of trees is also very important for the survival of our future generations. Here, we discuss some major reasons for protecting trees from being cut down.

To save our lives

Since we cannot live without breathing, it is necessary that trees keep on providing us oxygen during the process of making their own food. Their process of photosynthesis releases oxygen while they themselves absorb the harmful carbon dioxide.

To stay healthy

There are many pollutants in the air that trees and plants absorb. As these pollutants can be the cause of several health problems, trees are actually keeping us away from such troubles. It is highly important to save trees if we want to save our health.

To maintain the climate

While plants and trees moderate wind and rain, they also absorb sunlight and keep the climate balanced. Had trees not regulated the climate, Earth would have become a barren land burnt by sunlight. Even humans and animals may not be able to survive under hot weather conditions.

To prevent floods and soil erosion

Trees bind the soil to the ground and do not let it be flown away. They also absorb the overflow of water and prevent the occurrence of floods. It further helps us gain ground water. Thus, protection of trees is essential in many ways.

To reduce global warming

Trees absorb carbon dioxide that is a major cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide leads to greenhouse effect and plants keep the air free of this greenhouse gas. If we want to protect our planet, then trees have to keep existing with us.


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