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Why do we love music

Scientists have not yet pin pointed the exact reasons that spur a hundred emotions within us when we hear music. Music does not only relieve our tension and stress it can also make us sad or emotional. Both laughter and tears are induced by music. Our brain has a tendency of attaching good and bad memories with certain songs or music as well as with some odors or place. The music directors know which musical notes will trigger an enthusiastic and happy response and which notes will make us sad and overwhelmed with grief. The science behind our response to music is still not clear.

Though scientists have not found a particular area inside our brain which is responsible for the love of music the temporal lobe and the auditory areas located there. Actually when it comes to complicated brain functions, more than one area takes part in it. Another point which puzzles the scientists is that the preference of music varies from one person to another. Some people like jazz and classical whereas others like hard rock or instrumental. Same songs don’t work for all. The frontal lobe is also a key area in our brain that helps us analyze the notes and decipher their meaning.

Probably the vibration and the pitch affect our brain and it sends signals coursing through our body. Dopamine is released when we listen to our favorite songs. The same hormone is released during sexual intercourse and a good meal. This means that good music, food and sex create similar feel good response in our mind and we feel happy. Music influences us and helps to soothe our broken heart and gives encouragement. Humans are different from other animal species because we can appreciate finer things of life like music and art.


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