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Swiss Guards Guard the Vatican

Vatican City is based in Rome, Italy, and its complete protection is the responsibility of the Pontifical Swiss Guard force. This small city does not have its own armed forces. However, its security is not the job of Italian armed forces, but of Swiss Guards. If you are unaware of the idea behind this fact, then read on to know more about it.

Swiss Guard is usually described as the smallest army in the world. The guards in this army are not associated with the Swiss armed forces. From ancient times, these Swiss Guards have been providing protection covers to European royals and other renowned personalities. These guards used to act as their personal escorts and also protected their palaces. One such contingent of Swiss Guards was also recruited by Pope Julius II. This contingent was responsible for the then Pope’s personal security.

Swiss Guards have always been termed as reliable and unbeatable. That is the reason they were recruited by royals for their safety. Thus, these guards have kept on serving the Vatican City since ancient times. Currently, the city employs around 110 Swiss Guards who take care of the Pope and every corner of this beautiful place. There are tough criteria to select guards in this contingent. Therefore, there is a tough competition too. Guards must complete a basic training for their final inclusion into this army.

This small army of Swiss Guards plays several important roles while protecting the Pope and Vatican City. They not only assure security on ceremonial occasions, but also accompany Pope on his foreign visits. When any special guests arrive within the city, they also take care of their complete safety and security. Thus, Swiss Guards have been continuously fulfilling their duty with diligence since the times they started this tradition of serving the Vatican City.


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