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Why Do Some Websites Keep Crashing

Many times, you would find that some websites stop serving data and come to a crash. In fact, there are numerous websites that keep crashing on the Internet every day. If you have not yet known the reasons behind such website crashes, then here we provide some major possible factors that lead to this situation.

Network and server issues

Websites send their data on to some networks. If a network is down, then such websites may crash too. However, this may not be the case on all occasions when a network goes down. A website crash may also be caused by a server upgrade by a Web host. If it happens without the knowledge of concerned administrators, then there are chances of a website crash.

Database unavailability

If a database, which a website has been utilizing, goes away, then it may not be able to serve the data or content in a proper manner. This is one of the frequent reasons why website crashes occur.

Bugged codes

If any code run by a website is bugged somehow, then it becomes another possible reason of a website crash. A bug may stop the code from running and cause the website to collapse.

Corrupted file system

A website may also not be able to serve data when its file system goes corrupt. Sometimes, something may make the file system unreadable. Such factors may involve the errors of permissions or operating system. If it becomes unreadable, it may end up in a crash.

Memory run out

The hanging or crashing of a website can be the result of its memory running out. It is not possible for a site to run without sufficient memory.

Power failure

Finally, a simple reason of website crashes can be the power failure at server end. If site-powering systems lose their power, then nothing can work.


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