Featured Home & Garden — 28 October 2015

Fitness Freaks Love Gardening

You may have heard some fitness freaks sharing gardening tips or describing gardening as their prime hobby. While many people do not know about this fact, but good health has a deep connection with hobbies like gardening. A few researches have also proved that gardeners live a longer life by around 10-15 years in comparison to other individuals. You may also find people living in garden zones and natural surroundings having a longer age span than people staying in other areas where gardening is not possible due to certain factors.

Considering this major reason, there is no surprise in knowing that many health and fitness freaks get involved in gardening tasks. As most health-conscious people wake up and garden early during the day, they also get good exposure to sunlight while they work in their gardens. This helps their bodies produce more of vitamin D and helps them stay younger and stronger. Such gardeners stay away from many serious diseases, such as cancer or heart problems. It simply does not come from vitamin D, but also from the soil they play in.

Since soil has natural and beneficial micro organisms and bacteria along with essential minerals, it can boost up the immunity in any individual. People playing in soil remain away from auto-immune diseases. Even some good diet cannot compensate for what you receive from this natural resource. Being grounded gives you longevity. Gardening also helps health-conscious people in gaining mental peace and relaxation. Thus, they additionally stay away from stress and its linked diseases.

Working in the garden can make you forget your tensions too, and thus, help you in balancing your stress hormones. Further, growing your own vegetables and fruits can offer you fresh food to consume. This keeps you healthy and fit. If you also exercise in your garden, just like those fitness freaks, then you can also gain a longer life with a healthy mind and body.


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