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Why Do So Many Teenage Boys Rebel Against Their Mothers

You might have observed some teenage boys behaving harshly or crudely with their mothers. Such rebellion boys can be found in any society. In fact, they are not displaying a completely strange behavior, as this is part of teenage unruliness. Their rebellious attitude toward their mothers is actually the result of those hormonal changes that they experience at a transition phase from teenage to adulthood.

During this transition period, boys themselves might receive a surprise of gaining a new identity. To deal with this new identity phase, they need time and space. Thus, they start creating this personal space by moving away from their parents. While they feel that a father figure could help them during this transition stage, they do not have this feeling about their mothers. When boys feel that their mothers cannot support their quest at this stage, they start behaving hostile or rude toward them.

Deep down their subconscious, they unknowingly feel that such behavior can help them create a distance from their mothers. Boys basically want some breathing space that becomes a basic need for them. If mothers do not understand this need, they withstand the worst of these rebellions. In fact, teenage boys might also become hostile in a few cases where they do not find any male family member to support them.

There are several houses where boys only have mothers as single parents. Such boys may face more frustration when they go through their lives’ sophisticated phase of moving into adulthood. Being a rebellion comes as an instinctive behavior to them, as they cannot understand the complexities of a new identity. They might also face the fear of handling several responsibilities and becoming independent. If they feel that their mothers could overwhelm this transition period, then they start playing rebels against them.


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