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Why Do Smartphones Go Slow with Time

Are you having trouble while starting your smartphone and its applications within seconds? Do your phone apps get stuck while these are in use? It could all be a result of your smartphone going slower with time. However, it may not actually be the fault of your device, but of your own perception at times. When you see upgraded models of your smartphone in the market, you feel like your handset is ditching you on speed or performance. Still, it is not the sole cause of a smartphone going slower.

When it is not your own perception, it is the reality that your smartphone may be going slower. Another reason adding to it may be the heavy content that is stored on your phone. With time, you keep accumulating messages, images, videos or heavy music files on your phone that may affect its speed of processing. Thus, you are unable to work as fast as you could do when you first bought it. Deleting some of the content can solve the issue to certain extent.

Further, the apps or websites may become more demanding over a period of time and require extra RAM to run smoothly. These heavy apps may be slowing down your phone to a good extent. If these are running in the background and you have not closed them after use, then apps may again be draining down the power of your phone. It is additionally necessary to clear the app cache so your phone may breathe easier.

The same trouble may be caused by any live or animated wallpapers running on your home screen or multiple widgets present there. Slowdown may further be the result of non-vital processes running in the background, as well as the synchronization feature if it is always kept on. Stopping unessential processes may boost up the speed of your smartphone and give some relief.


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