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Retail Stores Play Music

There are several psychological benefits that retail stores may gain by playing music at their facilities. As a customer, you may feel varied effects of this music playing at a retail store from where you shop. Check out some of the common reasons behind retail stores playing soothing music for customers.

For relaxation

There are some music types that appeal people and make them happy by increasing serotonin levels in their brains. Retail stores makes use of this strategy and play relaxing music that calms down people and makes them feel at ease while shopping. This also leads to people shopping more than they would otherwise do. Thus, retail stores not only aim at relaxing you, but also focus on increasing their sales.

For selling specific products

You would have seen that some types of products, such as electronics and speakers, are sold by playing peppy music. You may usually hear songs played at speaker sections so customers are able to differentiate between products. This helps them select specific products that sound good. Thus, music is not simply a way to increase store sales, but also a way to sell some specific products by highlighting their quality.

For setting moods

Specific types of music can remind people of different things. Thus, retail stores try to associate their music scores with people’s moods. For example, they may play a fashionable number when they need to sell some clothes. Thus, customers get into a mood to buy clothes. This adds up to the sales of retail stores.

For increasing employee productivity

Some studies have shown that music boosts up the productivity of people at work. Thus, some retail stores also try this strategy and play music at their facilities. They play such kind of music that can pep up an employee and motivate him/her to work faster.


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