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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is arguably one of the most watched entertainment sports, for which people don’t even hesitate braving insanely long lines for securing tickets. After an abrupt arrival back in 2008, the IPL has turned 10 this year. With an ever-increasing number of fans and popularity, IPL has changed the landscape of Indian cricket and has emerged as the world’s finest Twenty20 league. IPL certainly owes its unmatched success to the excessive love and support of its fans, which is based on several reasons. Here are some of the common reasons that justify why people love IPL so much.

Timings and duration of the matches

In the fast-paced world that we live in, taking out ample time for interests and hobbies for many is only a dream. For instance, following five-day test match cricket sounds far-fetched, especially to those stuck in their busy work schedules. On the other hand, following Indian Premier League is both fun and convenient. Its organizers have done a commendable job in choosing a short duration and evening schedules for the matches, which allows all its fans to follow IPL seamlessly.

An eclectic mix of youngsters and veterans

Seeing youngsters and veterans coming together in the IPL is a sheer delight to the cricket crazy population. Herein, youngsters and established names share a stage and perform their respective roles, which is site to behold. No tournament in the international circuit offers you such a blend of young energy and skills evolved over time.

Convergence of diverse cricket personalities

IPL brings to you players from different countries and international teams, which all play as a strong team together. Watching the otherwise opponent players striving together to make a team win is a spectacular sight. This is probably the most common reason that cricket fans love IPL for.

The presence of cheerleaders

The inclusion of cheerleaders in the IPL matches is certainly a major factor that increases its entertainment quotient. A jig by the sexy blonde girls after every boundary hit or a wicket adds sex appeal to the matches and enhances enthusiasm of the IPL aficionados.  On the other hand, the ‘cheer queens’ of Pune Warriors India add spice to the environment differently. Decked up in beautiful Indian costumes and performing classical dance during the matches, the desi version of cheerleaders offers a different experience to the spectators altogether.

City linked loyalty

There are IPL fans that may not otherwise follow cricket but simply love to support their IPL teams. The reason behind are the teams, which are linked to cities. People in Mumbai out of their sheer love and respect for the city love supporting Mumbai Indians, those in Pune support Pune Warriors India, and similar is the case with the other IPL teams.

Strategic timeouts

Strategic timeouts at IPL are as beneficial for the spectators as they are for the teams. They allow them to go to washrooms, refill their drinks and snacks without missing any action.




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