Internet — 10 November 2015


In recent yeas, the craze among people for joining the micro-blogging site Twitter has gained fire. Although Twitter has been present on Internet as a social media platform for over nine years now, this craze has picked up now, especially among youths. If you want to know the reasons why people love Twitter and its short expressions, then check out the following.

To-the-point conversations: Since Twitter only allows short and sweet expressions through its 140-characters per tweet allowance, it is liked by those who do not want to explain their viewpoints through long and detailed posts. They are interested in providing a gist of information rather than giving the full account of anything. Thus, short seems good to them.

Tailored content on timelines: Every individual has separate areas of interests. For instance, one person may like business news and another may like technology updates. Both these individuals can tailor their timelines on Twitter according to their respective interests. They can follow such people and companies that give them the news they want. Thus, Twitter can handle much more customization than any other social media platform.

Source of varied viewpoints: Many people are simply interested in joining Twitter, as this platform can sort out unlimited ideas on any topic and give them real-life information. It just uses a hash tag to simply this procedure. All the opinions of others can be known on a hash tag topic with a single click.

Availability of interesting people: While a few platforms like Facebook are used to connect to friends and people you know, Twitter is one such platform where you can also connect to those who are not your friends in real life but are interesting and appealing. You can even follow celebrities to learn about their daily activities. On Twitter, nobody is bound to be friends with others. Still, people get unlimited opportunities to know what they actually want to know. This freedom also makes Twitter lucrative.


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