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Since the day humans started bringing their progenies to the world, we all take birth without clothes. We do even now and will continue to be the same. However, whether we should wear clothes or not was decided only when Adam ate that prohibited fruit of knowledge. Well, that’s a fact supported by religion only, while many people may consider it bogus. But that surely doesn’t mean we can negate the fact altogether, since it’s only the sense that makes us wear clothes. Otherwise, why animals don’t bother wearing clothes?        

Now talking about the nudism in public places, people feel uneasy about it; generally consider it obscene and illegal for only one simple reason: it’s irresistible. Though nudism doesn’t affect anyone physically, yet the acts that are harmful isn’t the only merit for prohibition. The ones that lead to an unpleasant state of mind i.e. shame, disgust or anxiety may also end up in the list of illegal things.

Nudity demands our attention and we all rhyme on this. Our dislike to nudity is too old and perhaps has a lot to do with religion. It’s only because of religion that nudity leaves us in dilemma and starts a conflict between instinctive desires and religious as well as cultural taboos.

Though most of the countries/states strictly prohibit the nudity in public, yet some prohibit only nudity, which is aimed to arouse other person sexually. This logic is simply deniable because nudity in public not only makes one but most of the people think of sex. This simply means that the act of being nude disturbs the mental balance of those around. As a result,  it breaches the right to live peacefully and therefore, people consider it illegal.


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