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Why Do People Binge on Food without Being Hungry

You may have noticed some people who keep munching without actually being hungry. It may have happened with you too. However, have you ever wondered why you indulge in such behavior when you might want to avoid overeating? If you are curious to know, then check out the following reasons that explain it all.

Boredom or time pass: In case you are really serious about your body weight, it is time to be serious about your free or leisure time too. At such timings, you may feel sluggish or careless to even notice that you have put your hand into a box of snacks. Some people develop habits where they keep munching on snacks while watching the television or reading a book. While it may be a nice time pass, you may not like to see the aftereffects on your weighing scale. Rather than being bored out of nothing to do, it is better to get yourself involved in activities of interest so you may avoid binge eating.

Emotional situations: Some individuals feel that food is the ultimate solution to their emotional states. While they eat to celebrate their happiness, they also eat to pep themselves up when they are sad or hopeless. There are even people who eat when they get angry. This emotional eating can be quite harmful and unhealthy. Thus, it is always better to vent out emotions by calling a friend or being with loved ones instead of being with food items.

Free availability: You may find it hilarious but it is actually true that people eat a lot more when food is available for free. Free food attracts them even when they are not hungry at all.

Other people eating: Many times, individuals are involved in conversations with others around them and forget that they have been eating non-stop. They may also keep eating simply because others are eating. Thus, just the presence of food and fellow foodies can also induce eating without requirement.


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