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Why do people believe in God

Majority of people across the world believe in the existence of God. Such people are known as Theists. Various people may believe in various forms of God, since they come from various religions like Hindus believe in deities like Goddess Durga, Shiva, Ram, Hanuman, etc. while Christians believe in Jesus Christ and so on and so forth. The question that arises is why do people believe in God despite the fact that no one has seen the God?

Many people believe in God because they have been raised that way. Ever since they were born, they saw their parents and family believing in God and worshiping them. Kids usually see their parents “demanding” things from God, especially in crisis. If the wishes are fulfilled, they thank God, and if not, they leave them in the name of “God’s wish.” This kind of instance make people believe that God exists and things for which we do not have answer or in situations where we cannot do much, a divine power will help us.

People also believe in God because they reason that this big universe is running in tandem without any kind of conflicts or clashes. This is possible because a greater power is controlling this universe and that power can be conveniently called God.

Some people are afraid of death and believe that there is something more after life. They believe that they will meet the God after life and hence believe in existence of God. There are followers, especially tribal people, who worship the “Nature and natural things” and they do not have any reason to not to believe in God or any other supernatural power.



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