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Why do people become homeless

Homelessness is a global problem. There are many reasons why people become homeless. It is not entirely an individual’s fault that he/she is homeless. Even if the economical conditions are stable people can become homeless due to bad investments, financial loss and other reasons. People who do not have their own house live with their parents or friends or relatives. If these people can no more provide accommodation all of a sudden they become homeless. Some people do not have the maturity of saving for a separate accommodation for themselves and they have to depend on others for this serious necessity.

A bad credit record can be the reason of homelessness. Thrift and good judgment are both crucial for an individual for getting his/her own place of accommodation. Bad credit records make you appear very unreliable and you won’t get loans for buying your own house or apartment. You will not even get a place on rent. Children become homeless due to their parents. Unemployment is another reason why people have to leave or sell their own house. The mortgage bills or monthly rents are usually very high now days and without a job no one can keep paying the bills.

People who have some sort of psychological illness are often homeless because there is no one to take care of them. Drug abusers and alcoholics also become jobless and homeless because their dire habits. Even though they live in streets they cannot get away from their bad habits. In some countries the government is also to be blamed as they do not try to provide affordable housings for the poor people. During economical crisis and recession people lose their home due to changed financial circumstances. After a break up or divorce some people lose their home and forced to live in streets.


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