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Mothers Get Custody

Statistics show that it is mostly women who win legal battles regarding the custody of their children. Is the law more favorable or biased toward women when it comes to children’s responsibility? Let us see whether general people think on the same lines or have other reasons to give. Here are some of the common reasons why the custody of kids is usually given to their moms.

Better nurturing

It is usually believed that kids are more attached to their mothers than fathers. They need mothers to nurture and fulfill their needs of affection when it comes to their biological connection. There is definitely some biasness in such assumptions that women will nurture children better than men will. Thus, you would observe more women winning their custody cases.

Favorable legal considerations

There are many factors that are considered while awarding the custody of children to one or both of their parents. Some of these factors include parents’ respective temperaments and their capabilities to serve kids’ emotional or special needs, relationships between kids and parents, and parenting skills and habits of both parties. It is also considered whether parents can give enough time and resources to children. Thus, such factors tend to be more favorable to women and they generally receive their children’s custody in courts.

Mutual agreements regarding custody

Many a times, fathers agree on giving children’s custody to their mothers. This is based on their mutual agreement, as fathers think that moms would have more time to give to children. Some of them also believe that mothers are more inclined toward kids and are anyway going to receive their custody. Thus, they simply decide to handover the custody themselves to mothers. They feel that mothers can take care of the needs of their kids better than they would ever do. Thus, a kind of stereotype plays a role during such agreements.


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