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Why Do Many Houses in the US Have Basements

While not all American houses are built with a basement, there are many that can be seen with basements. Have you ever thought about the need of building houses on these basements and not on the ground that can be cheaper? If you are really interested in knowing the reasons behind having basements in various US homes, then check out the following.

For warmth during winters

Since the US faces a long winter season, many people prefer that the wooden flooring in their homes releases warmth during the entire season. Thus, they prefer to have basements where heating and ventilation systems may be installed. This may keep their surroundings, as well as flooring warm during cold winter days and nights.

For fighting frost

Frost is a major reason why people like to have houses with basements. Since frost exerts great pressure on the house’s foundation walls, it can even lift a house up. Thus, you really need to dig deep down to the frost penetration limits while laying the foundation. Tall foundations are required on which a house may be built. Since the foundation is deep, it is sometimes useful to utilize the extra-dug space for creating a basement. People can use it as a study or play area.

For protection during tornadoes

Many houses have basements in places that are most affected by frequent tornadoes. People can find a safe shelter in their basements during the times of tornadoes.

For creating recreational areas

Sometimes, people want to use basements as personal spaces. They want houses with basements so they may create recreational areas of their choice. Sometimes, a basement becomes an extension of their living area. Thus, it is like an extra space that can used for multiple purposes.

For storage purposes

While basements serve the above purposes, they have an added advantage of becoming your storage area. Therefore, several home buyers consider houses with basements on priority. This is another reason why many houses are built with basements.


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