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Why Do Kings Wear Crowns

In movies or dramas, you may have seen kings wearing crowns on their heads. Have you ever wondered why they used to do so? Well, this tradition dates back to around 3000 B.C. when different cultures adopted this practice for various reasons. Here are some of those common reasons behind the use of crowns or headgear by kings.

For differentiation

In many cultures, people thought that wearing a crown could differentiate a king from the rest of the crowd. A crown was made a symbol of extraordinary governance and the ownership of special powers and skills. Thus, it was made a part of a king’s attire so he could be differentiated from others based on his special skills.

For indicating a royal connection

Crowns are usually designed using expensive materials and rare jewels. Thus, a common person could not afford such crowns in ancient days. Only people of royal families could have their hands on expensive crowns. This soon became an indicator of richness. Kings and queens started using crowns to indicate that they belonged to royal families.

For displaying authority

Those wearing crowns were also thought of as the ones with authority. A king always used to be the ruler of a state and had highest authority. Thus, kings in many cultures started wearing crowns to symbolize this authority.

For glorifying the position

A king is always treated as the person possessing highest glory in his kingdom. Thus, a crown was used by kings to show off that glorified position. In fact, some cultures like the Persian culture also associated a crown with a person’s attributes. Thus, every king had his own attributes and his own uniquely designed crown. Some cultures like the British monarchy are still continuing their association of crowns with the most glorified position. Thus, their highest authority still wears a crown.


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