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Why do kids sweat when they sleep

Most kids (infants especially) sweat while they are in a deep stage of sleep. While one can so easily relate night sweats in children with heavy pajamas they wear, too many blankets we clad them in or a fever, other serious conditions may include some types of cancer, HIV/AIDS, and thyroid or autoimmune disorders. Since parents find it difficult to trace the exact reason, what they simply do is remove blankets, lower the temperature in the bedroom or put their kid to bed in lighter pajamas – instead of consulting a doctor for the same.

As mentioned in the beginner, night sweats may indicate Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, malignant melanoma, or liver tumors. HIV/AIDS can also be a potential reason for causing night sweats in children. While it’s quite rare, we still can’t write off the possibilities of your kid being infected with the disease. An improperly sterilized needle or any other medical equipment may be the malignant source for the same.

Next, tuberculosis may also cause night sweats in kids. Persistent night sweats may indicate that the infection is progressing and may soon be in a contagious, incurable stage. Finally yet importantly, night sweats may point toward hyperthyroidism or autoimmune disorders such as cerebral palsy.


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