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Hamsters Lose Their Fur

Fur loss is a common thing observed in hamsters. It can be linked either to a disease or to other non-disease factors. There are several reasons behind fur loss in hamsters. Check out some of the common reasons why this happens.

Constant rubs

If hamsters continually keep them rubbing against feeders or cages, then they start losing fur. Rubbing can cause them to lose fur from any part of their bodies.

Age-related loss

Age is an important factor behind fur loss in hamsters. Once hamsters grow older, they start losing fur from their tummies. When their old skin becomes patchy and dry, they also start losing fur from legs, neck and chest areas. If you see their skin becoming thick and scaly, then this means that it is an age-related fur loss in hamsters.

Protein or vitamin deficiency

If you see young hamsters losing fur, then a major cause could be the deficiency of vitamins and protein in their bodies. When hamsters are mostly fed on seeds, they tend to develop such deficiencies due to growing obese. They should be given a balanced diet in order to reduce these deficiencies. Additionally, hamsters require high-quality foods to gain enough nutrition. Their diets can also be supplemented with vitamin doses if they develop a vitamin deficiency. Especially, the deficiency of vitamin B can cause high fur loss in hamsters.

Seasonal loss

Sometimes, it is just the seasonal fur loss that occurs in hamsters. During summer and autumn, hamsters have a tendency to molt. Fur loss may also happen due to changes in temperature. Sudden temperature changes may make it happen in hamsters. Additionally, hot temperature maintained for a long time period may also cause this fur loss. However, seasonal fur loss is not a thing of much concern. Hamsters gain back their fur after the season ends


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