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The ultimate destination of life is death. It’s a fate that no living being is capable of evading. While for some, death is just the end of everything, others cling into believing in distinct versions of after-life. Anyhow, death is an end of all the physical sensations, at least apparently. Once the soul has departed the physical form, different cultures have distinct ways to deal with a lifeless body or corpse.

Some burns the cadaver accompanied with rituals known as cremation while others bury the body underground termed as burial. While the former funeral method allows for an appropriate site to be reused again and again for the intended reason, the latter method raises the problem of running out of burial ground.

Even though cemeteries all around the globe are being filled, they seem to be never filling up. Though this is not true, but still the phenomenon is apparently experienced by a number of people all around the globe. As a result, many people started searching for the reasons on Google; hence giving rise to the query ‘Why do graveyards never fill up.’ Well, here are some possible answers to the query.

Reasons Why People Believe Graveyards Seem to Never Fill Up

Advancement in science has declined the mortality rate
With the recent developments in medical science, the life expectancy of a person have gone up. In 1800AD, the life expectancy was somewhere around 35 to 40 years in Europe. This was due to the several health concerns like poor sanitation and unavailability of medicines at that time. Also, frequent epidemic outbreaks killed hundreds of people at that time. At present, worldwide life expectancy has grown to well over 70 years. This in turn, has pulled down the mortality rates over the years. Less death means fewer bodies to fill up in the burial grounds, and hence it seems like graveyards aren’t filling up at all.

Cemeteries aren’t filling up quickly but eventually
A human life is maxed out at 70 years or so. And the chances that a person ends up living up entire life at a single place for the rest of his life, and see the local graveyard filled up, are very slim. Most graveyards present now are modern, which means that they are created after investing a great deal of mulling time in deciding that it should encompass enough space to accommodate the dead for several decades to come.

Graveyards are either destroyed or abandoned before they can become crowded
One possible reason that why graveyards never seem to fill up is that before they can actually become crowded with corpses, they are destroyed in one or another way. It can be as a result of some natural calamity or some disaster created by human conflicts. Also, several cemeteries are abandoned before they can reach their upper limit of housing corpses. This is mainly caused by the shift of local folks to some other place or finding a better place for giving dead ones the last ritual.


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