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Why do football players wear fanny packs while playing

Football is a tough game. You do not back off once you get started and have to play and perform under all circumstances. It pays to be prepared to play under adverse weather conditions. Football can turn savage sometimes and the players have to guard themselves with proper clothes and accessories. Players need to move both their feet and hands with equal ease to be able to play well and score. If the weather turns cold and windy it becomes very difficult for the football players to win their game. The performance of the players can be ruined due to cold wind and numb limbs. That is why the football players have to take proper care so that the exposure to cold is reduced to a minimum.

The fanny packs are a type of hand warmers that the football players can wear around their waist. It is worn during cold weather or when bad weather is forecasted. The waist band or fanny pack has openings at the upper and lower portion so that players can easily insert their hands inside for a quick spread of warmth. The material of fanny pack is special and traps heat inside the fold. The specially designed fanny packs not only trap heat but also keep cold air out. They are cylindrical in shape.

The special design of the fanny packs allow them to keep away moisture as well. Polyester, acrylic, nylon and elastic are used to make the hand warmers. Too long exposure to cold weather can cause frostbite and make the hands so numb that it starts paining. Fanny packs are not worn for the style statement it adds to a player’s performance but they are necessary accessories without which the performance of football players gets dampened.


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