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Why do dogs eat grass

You may have seen dogs munching grass quite often in a lawn or garden. While it is true that dogs eat grass, as they are not exclusively carnivorous. Some researchers believe that dogs eat grass as an emetic when feeling ill or have an upset stomach. Dogs keep gulping grass until the grass blade rubs the throat and stomach lining, which compels them to vomit and remove the noxious stuff from their stomach. Experts say that small amount of grass can be a regular part of a canine diet, so you need not to worry when you see your dog chomping grass in your courtyard.

Usually dogs are natural omnivores and they get nutrients from both meat as well as vegetables. In their natural environment, dogs used to eat other animals, including the abdomen which also contains grass components, to get a relatively balanced diet. In addition, fruits, berries and other vegetables are an integral part of the diet of wild canines, which balance their nutrients. After the man tamed dogs, we have witnessed a great shift in their diet and thus digestive system that has evolved to take advantage of varied nutritional fibers.

Once dogs are on a commercial diet, they yearn for vital fiber nutrients, essentially found in grass, plants and herbs, to keep their digestive system in a good shape. Whenever, you see your dog chewing grass or plants too often, you can add natural herbs and vegetables (boiled) in its diet.


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