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Why do Desktop icons disappear

Being an electronic device, a computer can go through minor glitches and one such small glitch that many of you might have faced is the sudden disappearance of the desktop icons.

Has there been a time when you are working on your computer and suddenly found out all desktop icons are missing? Well, this is quite common and rather annoying problem, where in many cases you might find everything including the start button and taskbar are missing. The main cause of the missing icons is a small system error and that can be corrected quite easily.

Well, to resolve the problem you may restart your system. There are two reasons that can cause this problem – either there is something wrong with your explorer.exe process which normally handles the desktop or the icons are simply hidden.

If the icons are hidden then the problem can be solved easily. Just right click on your desktop and choose the option Arrange Icons By. Go to the option Show Desktop icon and click on it, once you do it all your icons will be back to normal as they were.

But if your icons are disappeared all of a sudden, then something else may be the reason behind disappearance. For the same, go to task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL.  Now, as you open the task manager click the above File option and then New Task (Run), and make sure you are on the processes bar.

In the open box just type explorer.exe and click OK. That’s all you have to do. Once you do it, the process will cause the registry reloaded and make sure that the desktop icon, taskbar and start button are back and functioning properly.

If these two techniques don’t work then the problem is quite big, run the system file checker that will check for all missing and damaged files and repair them.



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