Offbeat — 05 March 2014

Cops Touch the Back of the Cars

In television shows or even in real life, you may have observed cops touching the back of the cars they check. Did you ever try to understand the reason behind their putting pressure on the top of car trunks? If you want to know about the real reasons behind such behavior of cops, then read on to know more. This gesture is not simply a meaningless style. It is not only about movie cops doing so and real life cops following it. It is more about the safety of citizens, as well as of cops themselves.

The major reason of cops touching the back of your car is to make sure that your car’s trunk is locked. An open trunk could be a disturbance while checking a car. A closed trunk also assures safety and security. Many a times, thieves or shooters try hiding in these trunks and attack the police if they catch a car for checking purposes. They may also accidentally start firing on these checking cops. Thus, cops tap the back of cars as a safety measure so they are alerted if anybody is hiding in a trunk.

As another reason, cops want to leave their fingerprints on cars when they touch their back. While they note down the details of every car they check, they just want to make a mark of their personal identity on a car. This is also done purposefully. In case something dangerous or drastic happens at the checkpoint, there will always be a proof of the identity of cops. Thus, it is not the habit of cops to tap your car’s back. It is a kind of unsaid rule that they follow. Cops constantly need to be on an alert so they may protect themselves along with other innocent individuals and civilians.


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