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Why Do Cats Lick Their Owners

If you have a pet cat at home that suckles you or licks you frequently, then do not be very happy by assuming that your cat loves you a lot. This behavior may mean something completely opposite to your thoughts. Here, we tell you about a few major reasons behind your cat’s licking habit.

Loneliness or boredom

When cats lick their owners, it may be a result of their feelings of boredom or even loneliness. According to veterinary experts, cats usually display this behavior when they are orphaned at an early age or when they are separated from their mothers within a month of being born. The initial two months are quite crucial in their lives and they need to stay with their mother for support. If this does not happen to kittens, then they turn toward infantile behavior, which is similar to what human babies do. To stay away from their boring situations, they get involved in suckling or licking, just like kids suck their thumbs.

Stress or anxiety

Due to stress, cats may involve in such behavior that offers them comfort and relaxation from an anxiety-inducing situation. Licking your feet or drooling over you may give them relief. If your cat also does it repeatedly and you feel that his/her behavior is going compulsive, then it is always advisable that you consult a vet for his/her treatment. It can turn into a problem later on. You never know when your cat might need clinical support.


This is another cause behind cats licking people and things. Usually, the reason is more applicable in older cats who are more than 10 years of age. Hyperthyroidism may occur in many cats after they grow up to this age. This can further lead to cats displaying some behavioral changes. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your cat before their licking habit turns into some unwanted behavior.


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