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Why Do Casinos Use Chips Instead of Money at Table Games

If you visit casinos on a frequent basis, then you may know that most of the casinos do not allow money to be carried to your tables. You need to exchange money with casino chips. However, if you are a common visitor and wonder why casinos use chips instead of real money, then read on to know the major reasons behind this preference.

Materialistic value

It is thought that casino chips hold a better materialistic value than money. Chips are a kind of possession that every gambler would like to gather in abundance. It is a sign of their level of success in gambling games. Thus, they do everything to possess more of these chips.

Health aspect

Casinos want that their employees remain healthy and take steps to ensure their better health. While real money contains and carries a variety of germs as compared to chips, people remain healthier when they use casino chips instead of notes and coins.

Avoiding cheating

Many casinos now use chips containing microchips inside. These microchips do not allow casino chips to be replicated by cheaters. There are people who take advantage of regular casino chips and make replicas of them so they could hand them over to dealers. Thus, they cheat dealers and pit bosses through such faking techniques. Chips with microchips can control this replication and help dealers avoid making errors. Thus, chips are always safer to use than real money.

Motivating players to spend more

While people would not let go of their real money so easily, casinos have turned to use chips in order to motivate them to spend more on games. Transactions are easier to be made using chips rather than money, as people do not often keep evaluating them in terms of their real monetary value. They may more easily part away from chips in comparison to money.


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