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Mother scolding her son

Every parent would want their sons to pay attention and remain as friends with them. However, not every boy does this. In fact, there are many boys who ignore their parents. While it may not be a parenting fault, there are several reasons behind boys remaining ignorant to their parents. Check out some common reasons behind this fact.

Imitation behavior

Children are quite observant of their parents’ behavior toward them and others. Some boys, who see their fathers behaving in a manly or snobbish way, start copying that behavior in their childhood. They may also feel that their parents have been ignorant toward them. All such types of behavior displayed by parents can cause the imitation of that behavior by their boys too. This might make boys snobbish and ignorant toward their parents.

Changing needs

Due to several psychological and emotional changes occurring in growing-up boys, their needs may also alter. If your boy was once dependent on you for fulfilling his needs, the same may not happen when he grows up toward adulthood. He might develop the need for independence and may not even remain answerable to you. Whether it is for good or bad, but changing needs can make boys ignorant.

Peer group and societal impact

When your son interacts with his friends or society, he adopts certain behavioral patterns and develops his own perceptions. If your perceptions do not match his perceptions, a conflict might arise. This may further lead to his ignorance toward you as a parent. If he thinks that his society’s views and decisions do not match yours, he might ignore you.

Introversion or shyness

Some boys are shy or introvert by nature and do not like to mingle up with others. Thus, they become moody and non-conversant. Such boys might also choose to ignore their parents in order to avoid further conversation with them.


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