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Why Do Bolivians Wear Bowler Hats

It seems that Bolivians have a craze for bowler hats that is unmatchable. Many Bolivian women especially love to wear these hard felt hats. Even kids and older people like these bowler hats. However, there are some reasons why Bolivians are so fond of these hats and how it became a part of their culture to wear bowler hats matched with their dresses. This does not have to do anything with remaining protected from sunlight in the summer or feeling warmer in the winter. It is more about Bolivian people’s fashion sense and craze.

Since bowler hats are small and impractical, these are majorly used as fashion symbols. Since 1920s, bowler hats have become fashion statements for Bolivian women. These hats were shipped to Bolivia by some Europeans. They distributed these hats among Bolivian people who simply loved their style. Thus, it soon became a fashion symbol among locals. People in Bolivia used to wear bowler hats paired with their traditional costumes. However, many people now match these hats with their modern dresses too. Thus, the use of such hats is not restricted to certain ways. People love to wear them in all styles.

Some women in Bolivia also hold a belief that wearing bowler hats brings fertility. Though it is not a very common thought, it is one of the reasons Bolivian women wear them. Some people also believe that bowler hats give a business-like look. Thus, they trigger you to become more successful in your business. Making them a part of your regular attire brings in success. Even girls like to wear these hats in colleges or universities. Therefore, bowler hats have become a sort of tradition in Bolivia. While these have become a part of fashion, people love to wear them in varied designs and styles. These are custom-made in Bolivia to suit people’s requirements.


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