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Many research studies and surveys have focused on asylum seekers preferring to come to the United Kingdom (UK). Several of these expert studies suggest that there are predetermined reasons of choosing the UK over other countries. However, speaking to these asylum seekers has brought out the reality. Specific interview-based studies have showed that around two-thirds of asylum seekers did not even had it in mind to come specifically to the UK. Only one-third people had made their minds to seek asylum in this country. Such people chose the UK, as they had relatives and friends living here.

People who had decided to seek asylum in the UK also believed that they would receive respect for their human rights in this nation. Some had an existing visa and wanted to utilize it to come to the UK. Thus, these people were motivated to come to this country due to their possibility of arranging travel documents on an easy basis. Rest of the people, uninspired by the above factors, did not specifically choose to come to the UK. They did not have any knowledge about this country. In fact, they did not even know how coming to the UK would be different from going to another country.

These people simply landed up at this place because of others’ choices. In some cases, agents chose this destination for them. In other cases, people known to them brought them to the UK. A few people only came to know about their destination after leaving their home country. Some people are simply present in the UK, as they had no other choice. They are just here without any reason. Thus, one can say that such people lacked options. Therefore, it can be said that asylum seekers do not always prefer to come to the UK. It is simply a widespread belief because there are more asylum seekers in this country than other nations.


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