Environment — 26 June 2013

Why do animals become endangered

There are several reasons and factors threatening animal existence. Some of them include loss of habitat, pollution, over-hunting, over-fishing and human activities like deforestation, man induced forest fires etc. Apart from these big human activities predation, diseases and food chain problems are also responsible for putting animals under threat.

Habitat loss is one of the main causes why animals are facing a threat of extinct as people are taking over their habitats and consequently, they don’t have any other place to go. Issues like commercial deforestation have resulted in loss of habitats for birds and animals, especially those who survive only in a particular kind of climate and space. Growing population and industrialization is demanding more piece of land because of which animals are on a verge of extinction.

Environmental pollution is not only a threat to animals but with its ever growing rate, it surely will be a survival threat to human beings.  The commercial and industrial activities are completely disrupting environment by causing water, soil, air and noise pollution. Toxic gas production from vehicles and industries, oil spills and harmful chemicals in the water, toxic chemical waste getting dumped in the soil, all are the reasons that why many rare species are already extinct and others are endangered.

Other human activities like hunting and over fishing make sure that several endangered animals come close to extinction. Hunting is one immediate reason for endangerment of animals like jaguars, lions, and tigers. Over-hunting is the cause of 25 percent of animal species extinction problem. Almost 40 percent of pigeons are extinct in America because of over-hunting and similarly over-fishing is the reason why several types of fishes, whales and dolphins are threatened by extinction of their species.

Apart from human activities there are problems like diseases that might lead to an epidemic just like the mad cow disease killing hundreds of cattle’s.  Disruption in food chain, introduction of new species or predation are also some of the important factors for making animal endangered.

It is high time that these problems are addressed to ensure that animals and human race doesn’t face a total wipeout.



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