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Why Do Amish Men Not Have Moustaches

If you look at some pictures of men from the Amish culture, then you will notice that they have beards but no mustaches. This is actually a part of their tradition that started in those days when military men used to have mustaches. Since these military men ill-treated people from the Amish community while considering them to be part of those groups that waged wars in Europe, Amish men decided to remain dissociated from such groups. As a boycott gesture, they instructed all their men not to grow mustaches.

Presently, there are only a few Amish people based in North America. However, they are still continuing this old tradition of not keeping mustaches. On the other hand, they are allowed to grow beards after they get married. A beard symbolizes that a male has grown to be a man. The conducts practiced in the Amish culture are quite strict and people also go on following these guidelines. Their unsaid rules and regulations have been passing on the generations. However, they also try to balance their traditional practices in accordance with the changes happening across the world.

Amish men also need to remain plain. Growing mustaches would be like embellishment and go contrary to their community rules and religious traditions. You would find that Amish men do not even trim their beards. Sociological norms are so very important for them to follow. They give respect to their accepted customs and do not want to vary them for their own benefits. Amish have always been considered to be a group of people that have stayed away from the symbols of vanity. That is why they do not want to reflect vanity by keeping mustaches like old-time military men in Europe. They have never believed in violence or force, and therefore, still keep fulfilling their community’s promise of remaining a peaceful group.


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