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Americans Love Apple

While around three-fourth of people with smartphones across the world love Android, the figure slides down greatly when it comes to Android’s market share in the United States. Americans instead prefer to choose Apple to Android. While many young people in several countries have been developing a craze for Android-based phones, American people do not think Android to be as good for them as Apple phones are. However, there are several reasons behind this thought of Americans. Check out some of the common reasons why Americans still love to pickup an Apple device.

Home product

Many American people feel that Android has just cloned Apple’s technology. Since Apple is based in America, people feel biased toward its products. Apple’s lawsuits against Android have also forced some American people to think negatively about Android phones. Thus, they tend to criticize Android phones as cheaper devices.

Display of social class

Some Americans think that Android phone owners are those people who are dumb, unintelligent, low-class and cheap. Since they cannot afford Apple devices, they tend to show their craze for cheaper Android that is not good. While not all Americans think alike, many of them feel that owning an Apple phone is a symbol of high class or status in the society.

Resistance to change

There are some American people who find Apple phones easier to understand and use. Since they have been associated with Apple for long, they do not even want to give a try to Android. It is simply their resistance to change that they are stuck up with Apple.

Pro-Apple views

There are crazy supporters of Apple in America that only focus on making people understand about the pros of Apple devices. When people only keep hearing good things about Apple, they do not even bother to look around for other options.


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