Offbeat — 11 March 2014

Although you do not need a specially designated day to thank your mothers for all their giving, there is still a special day celebrated all across the world. This day is known as Mother’s Day, which is planned and celebrated in all mothers’ honor. Even though it is a day celebrated worldwide, it occurs on different dates in different countries. For example, Americans celebrate this respectful day on the second Sunday in May when children thank and pay tribute to their mothers for all their care and affection showered on them.

In different countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the day that is considered relevant according to their history and beliefs. In America, this history of celebrating Mother’s Day is associated with two women named Anna Jarvis and Julia Howe. They started this celebration of Mother’s Day in separate contexts and then campaigned for it to be celebrated by all. While Julia wanted to focus on pacifism and peace amongst women through this special day, Anna used to celebrate it in the memory of her late mother. Anna’s campaign was later financially supported by a merchant named John Wannamaker.

These limited observances of Mother’s Day soon became popular at local levels. Anna’s campaigns for Mother’s Day led the day to become a national holiday in America and then turn into an international day. While the American law assigned the second Sunday in May as the Mother’s Day, other countries later started assigning their own days according to their preferences and relevance. Thus, this day is devoted to all mothers while being celebrated on varied days in varied nations. Mothers are showered with gifts and love on this special day. As the day was soon commercialized in America, children started purchasing all sorts of gift items for their mothers and mother figures.


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