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Why Do America Get Games First

It has been a common practice to release video games first in America. Have you also thought why America gets most of the games first? There may be several reasons behind this fact, but here are a few common reasons that are given by industry experts.

Large market size

America is believed to be the world’s biggest market for video games. Thus, publishers prefer to release their games in America so they may sell more copies instantly. This can help them make money on a much faster basis.

Makers and publishers in America

There are many game making companies and publishers that are based in America. Thus, it becomes an obvious choice for them to release the games first in America. Thus, you may find American stores stocked with many games before they even reach other countries. This also helps companies in testing their products. If there are any initial faults detected, then these may be corrected well in time before the games are dispatched to reach other countries.

Sales and distribution schedule

Sales experts suggest that it is because of different distribution schedules in varied countries due to which games are first released in America. Usually, video games are released in America on Tuesdays, while it happens on Thursdays or Fridays in Japan and Europe. Thus, the product needs to be in American warehouses during the week prior to its release week. On the other hand, it could reach European and Japanese warehouses during the same week when it needs to be released. Thus, such varying schedules automatically call for a prior release of games in America.

Therefore, games are first released in America due to several reasons as opposed to the thought that there is any favoritism. While many people in other countries may hold this belief, it is not always true.


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