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Why Do a Few Adults Stammer While Speaking

While you may have come across several children who stammer during their speech, you may actually wonder about the reason behind a few adults stammering too. However, the fact is that some children, who cannot overcome this speech disorder during their childhood and teenage, may also go on stammering when they become adults. Still, there are cases where adults start stammering later while they had no such problem during their childhood.

Although a lot of research has been done on temporary and permanent stammering, it is still complicated to arrive at a definite reason behind a person’s problem of repeating or extending some words or sounds. However, experts suggest a number of reasons that may have caused stammering in a child or adult. It is usually a mix of genetic, neurological and developmental factors that lead to speech disorders.

Family is a big reason behind an adult stammering. If a close family member has had this problem, then there are high chances that genetics may have induced the same in this adult. Language processing is another reason for stammering in an adult. Some people process the language in a completely different manner than other people normally do. Their brains do not transmit the language properly and that may lead to the development of this issue.

Sometimes, stammering continues in adults when they would have been slow learners during their childhood. Some developmental disorders may have initiated the trouble and let it continue. Many scientists are still quite unsure about these complex issues. Additionally, there are environmental and personality factors suggested as the causes of stammering in adults.

While some adults may have faced a depressive or extremely stressful situation or event, others may not have been able to cope up with a rapid pace of life. Excessive commitments or demands may cause a person to stammer, but it is more important that these adults are helped through their situations and accepted as others in the society.


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