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Why Do Women Initiate Divorce

According to various types of studies and surveys, it appears that statistics are in favor of women when it comes to initiating a divorce proceeding. Women are usually found to be more concerned about their married [...]

Why Do Women Date Older Men

While the cougar-dating-young-hottie culture has become a lot more rampant today, the fact remains that the number of men dating younger women is still way higher than that of women dating younger men. [...]

Why do we celebrate women’s history month

The average 20 year old today may not understand why women’s history month is so hyped but if you asked anyone aged 30 or more years today, they would tell you that women and girls did [...]

Why Do Women Worry So Much

If you ask a typical man what women are like, he is likely to come up with a bunch of really stereotypical notions. Among the top stereotypes about women is that they worry too much. That [...]

Why do women gain weight after marriage

Women tend to gain weight after marriage due to a number of social reasons. It has got nothing to do with sexual relationships, as is generally believed. The weight gain happens largely due to a change [...]

Why do women earn less than men

In the modern era wherein we usually talk about the gender equality, there are certain areas where the difference still remains as prominent as ever. Earning is one of them.  The old shibboleth that women earn [...]