: ' Why Do We Study'

Why Do We Study Math

Mathematics is a challenging subject and most people like to study this subject because of it being clear and factual. It is fun for some people to solve its problems. They get excitement out of finding [...]

Why Do We Study English

English is a globally recognized and widely used language for communication purposes. While some individuals may find it complex to speak English, it is still studied by millions of people across the world. Let us explore [...]

Why Do We Study Literature

Literature is a field of study that refers to spoken and written stuff ranging from fictional writing to technical works. It is a way to communicate effectively with others, as well as to learn deeply about [...]

Why do We Study Rocks

There are many people interested in studying geology and especially about rocks. This gives them a lot of information about our planet and other interesting phenomena. Let us check out what is it about rocks that [...]

Why Do We Study Buddhism

‘Buddha’ refers to a supreme teacher and Buddhism is a way through which this supreme teacher can enlighten our lives. Many people do not treat Buddhism as a religion. They treat it as a way of [...]

Why Do We Study the Evolution of Animals

There are many of us who love to gain knowledge on different animal species, as well as on their development and behavior. Thus, we become interested in studying about various animals since their evolution. Studying the [...]

Why Do We Study the Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a cover of gases that surrounds our planet and protects us from various adverse external weather conditions. It not only shields us from Sun’s heat and radiations, but also offers oxygen for our breathing [...]