: ' Why do we celebrate'

Why do we celebrate world health day

The World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors the celebration of World Health Day on April 7 every year. the First World Health Assembly held by the WHO in 1948 declared that it would celebrate April 7 as [...]

Why do we celebrate environment day

On 5 June every year, the United Nations Environment Programme celebrates World Environment Day in coordination with various governmental and non0governmental agencies throughout the world. We find out the reason behind the celebration of the day. [...]

Why Do We Celebrate the International Yoga Day

21st June, for centuries it has been celebrated as the longest day of the year. But recently, something more significant has been attached to the already special date. From 2015, the day has been celebrated as [...]

Why do we celebrate thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become the preeminent holiday which is known around the world as a distinctly American tradition. Here are some of the popular reasons behind the celebration of thanksgiving. [...]

Why do we celebrate Halloween

Halloween today is a largely commercialized festival today that most people believe to be an American invention. Typical Halloween festivities include watching horror films, going to costumer parties, telling scary stories, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, [...]

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you ask anyone around the world the date on which Valentine’s Day falls and the chances of you getting a wrong answer would be one in millions. In fact, the very concept of celebrating Valentine’s [...]

Why do we celebrate Palm Sunday

The Sunday before Easter is usually known as Palm Sunday. It is a moveable Christian feast just like Easter Sunday and Good Friday and it falls during lent, the 40 days of fasting in orthodox Christian [...]

Why do we celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day has been a national holiday in Canada the United States since 1894. The day pays tribute to working women and men and officially marks the end of the summer season. Here are the historical [...]

Why do we celebrate women’s history month

The average 20 year old today may not understand why women’s history month is so hyped but if you asked anyone aged 30 or more years today, they would tell you that women and girls did [...]

Why do we celebrate Easter

Easter is one of the biggest festivals in the Christian faith and its significance can be gauged by the fact that it is usually marked as a major holiday by secular and non-Christian countries as well. [...]