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Why Do People Skydive

Adventure sports like skydiving can be highly dangerous to life. Still, many people go for skydiving for the love and rush of it. What is it about skydiving that attracts them to take such a high [...]

Why Do People Fast

Fasting is the avoidance or restriction of food intake for a certain period of time. Many people fast for various different reasons. While most of the religious-minded people do it for God’s sake, other health-oriented people [...]

Why Do People Start Smoking Cigarettes

Although cigarette companies warn people about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, some people still fall into this addiction by starting to smoke cigarettes. Even after knowing about its negative impact, why do they still smoke? [...]

Why Do People Google

Google for various purposes has become a necessity for some people, while others do it for fun. You may look for any key term on a search engine if you need information about it. Read on [...]

Why Do People Start Business

In a scenario where economic conditions are tough and current jobs are trying hard to fulfill the expectations of employees, many people have started searching for alternative work options. Thus, business seems to be a lucrative [...]

Why Do People Like Pele

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, commonly known as Pelé in the world of football, is like a synonym to football. This legend footballer is someone who is the central pillar in the game of soccer. Everybody, who [...]

Why Do People Like Frank Lampard

For fans of English football, Frank Lampard is a big name on the central midfield. This famous English footballer has earned a solid reputation among his followers due to his consistent performance at the midfield position. [...]

Why do people think abortion is wrong

Abortion, unless so carried out for purposes of sex selection, is a procedure that allows women to choose to not have a baby if they don’t want to. However, a lot of people think abortion is [...]

Why do people in their 40s think they are old

These days, people around the world are being that the 40s are the new 20s. While that may be true for celebrities that need to remain youthful for the sake of their careers, a majority of [...]

Why do people get hangnails

Hangnails are a condition that occurs when the skin next the nail tears and protrudes outwards. The condition usually isn’t serious though it can become painful if the protruding hangnail becomes caught in fabric and tears [...]