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Why do People Smoke Weed

For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed smoking weed. Scientifically known as Cannabis, the plant containing psychoactive compounds has several other names like joint, pot, grass, herb, boom, etc. Cannabis legalization is a boiling hot [...]

Why do People Love to Watch Avengers Movies

Avengers Assemble! You might love this very catchphrase of Marvel’s superhero group, the mighty Avengers. Created by the famed superhero creator duo Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, Avengers made their first appearance via The Avengers #1 [...]

Why do People Like Seafood

All around the world, seafood is preferred by many. There are several reasons for its worldwide preference, ranging from having loads of variety in savour to packing several health benefits. [...]

Why Do People Go Crazy For iPhones

iPhones have gained a strong reputation not only in the US smartphone market but in the whole world. Many people are so crazy for iPhones that they even stand and wait in long waiting lines for [...]

Why Do Some People Suffers From Nausea

Chances are that you have at least once experienced the uncomfortable feeling of nausea. Before proceeding to elaborate the reasons and factors causing nausea, it is important to know what accurately nausea is. Nausea is a [...]

Why Do People Engage In Business

Setting up and running a business is not a plain task, rather it requires skill, courage and patience to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. Despite having so many challenges while opting to initiate a business, so [...]

Why Do People Prefer Non-Vegetarian Diet

There are many people who enjoy consuming non-vegetarian diets, which primarily includes meat and poultry. People following the non-vegetarian diet have their own different reasons, apart from their personal preference to non-veggies. [...]

Why Do People Continue Believe in UFOs

In a scientifically developed and modern world, there are many people who still believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens. Whenever people have claimed of watching a UFO in the sky, scientists have defended it [...]

Why Do People Volunteer

Many people volunteer for social causes on a regular basis. While a few people receive happiness from their efforts, others learn from their actions. Every individual has different reasons on why he/she volunteers for campaigns and [...]

Why Do People Take Fish Oil Supplements

There are many people who either take fish oil supplements on their own or receive recommendations by doctors to take these supplements. They do this to gain a variety of health benefits from fish oil supplements. [...]