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Why Do Some People Think Wolves Howl at the Moon

If you ask people walking down the street what they know about wolves, they are likely to list “howling at the moon” in the top 5 answers for sure. We try to explore what makes some [...]

Why do people think they know the real ME

One of the biggest annoyances for most people is when someone close to them makes a comment or judgment about them like they really know the inner workings of the person in question. We try to [...]

Why do so many people think Obama is a Muslim

Barack Hussein Obama has the unique distinction of being the first black American president. However, his opponents have always tried to get the general public to mistrust him and to denounce their support for him because [...]

Why Do So Many People think black people Are Racist

Of late, a lot of people have begun complaining that black people are racist. We examine the possible reasons for such a belief. [...]

Why Do People Think That Unborn Babies Aren’t Human

A lot of people tend to think of unborn babies as human beings while others claim that the term doesn’t apply to fetuses till after birth. We explore why unborn babies aren’t thought of as human. [...]

Why do people think Jesus was white

If you ask anyone in the world today to describe what a Jewish man born in Jerusalem and raised in the region is supposed to look like, you would probably get a description like “medium built [...]

Why do people think Obamacare is bad

Before the federal government shutdown happened, Obamacare was the biggest talking point for the average American citizen. While the government is pushing ahead with its ambitious social welfare plan, the citizens aren’t as enthusiastic about it. [...]

Why do people think their ideas are so valuable

One of the most annoying kinds of people one would ever encounter in their lives are people that believe to their core that their ideas are really valuable. Most often, such people bore you with detailed [...]

Why do people think math is the most valuable school subject

Mathematics, for those that aren’t good at it, is a terribly terrifying subject for most people while more people consider humanities and languages relatively easier subjects at school. We examine some of the other reasons behind [...]

Why do people think about suicide

Nearly everyone in the world has thoughts of suicide at one point in life or the other. While not all of us go through with it, some people think and talk about suicide so much that [...]