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Why Do Web Designers Need To Consider Colorblindness

Based on various studies, it has been estimated that around 8 percent of males have colorblindness. This means that their eyes cannot differentiate between certain shades of colors. If there are two shades of the same [...]

Why do web designers use tables with invisible borders

Tables are one of the basic design tools for HTML documents. Table comes with different functions. They allow you to control page layout and gives the opportunity to create more visually interesting pages. Tables also part [...]

Why do web designers use Latin

You must have seen designers using a dummy text template called the “Place holder Text,” generally written in Latin, which is popularly known as “Loren Ipsum.” The dummy text is generally written in fake Latin and [...]

Why do web designers use Photoshop

When you talk about web designing tools, the first and foremost that comes in your mind is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is an important part of every web designer’s life since they started to learn about web [...]

Why do web designers use Macs

Personal preferences aside, we have seen web designers showing a general inclination toward Macs in recent years – couple of decades rather. This peculiar shift, in a way, has pushed other PC’s on a fast lane [...]