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Why do We Call the Earth a Blue Planet

Earth, the only planet in our entire solar system, and apparently in the Universe, to inhabit life and we should be thankful for that, is the home to several million living species. Many times you have [...]

Why do cats hate water

No cat owner has ever tried to bathe a cat without getting scratches all over their arms. Like many other cat behaviors, their aversion to water is also all too famous and all too mysterious. We [...]

Why do we need to save water

In childhood we read in our geography books that three fourth of our earth consists of water bodies. We live on the one fourth that is left. Though there is so much water out there we [...]

Why do people need to drink water

Water is synonymous to life and the importance of drinking water cannot be emphasized enough. Water is one of the main constituents of our body and this is evident from the fact that 60% of our [...]

Why does earth has water

The universe is filled with many unexplained phenomenon blended with unraveled mysteries and one major part of this unexplained phenomenon is played by planet Earth. There are many unknown facts about earth and its life sustaining [...]

Why do fish die when taken out of the water

The first poem of their lives learnt by most Indian children is about fish. The English rendition of the poem would say, “fish is the queen of water bodies, its life is water, if you will [...]

Why do people waste water

Water wastage is quite common. Most of the people believe that there is enough water on the Earth and hence wasting is no crime. Those people do not realize that though 97% of the earth is [...]